UTM, Please Wait For Me

Published July 31, 2013 by esoneniey


After went through many obstacles, I managed to prepare and sent the wanted documents by KPT and UiTM. It took 2 weeks to prepare them and I was substantially got pressure in doing that. Many essential documents and certificates need to deeply reviewed and attached. That was so much keen in a way to be a fully sponsored scholarship student from the government.

And of course when the documents have checked and endorsed by the faculty, the person in charge will submit to jpbsm, uitm. Syukur Ya Allah! Because the faculty has decided not to re-interview me so I do not to re-present the research proposal anymore as I was did that last year during interview. How could they sit just to listen the same proposal as before? Hehe. Of course it waste their precious times. *giggle. I had put the hard work on that actually. Those day made me cried happily. Thank you Allah swt.

Anyway, go on to the root topic (preparing documents), actually you do not have any idea how my desk area look like. It was full with papers, documents and forms. Yeah, my husband complained. Well… That was my working style! Haha! Thank you to my friend for guiding me to prepare the forms. I was totally blur. Because I was just moving from Malacca to Damansara and of course managing own house is not easy. My husband is totally depending on me to manage them! Where to stock the foods, carpets, clotches, furniture, bla bla. Huh.

You know what, I wasted 3 weeks just because to receive the offer letter from UIA. I do not have ideas why my application has to be processed for more than 2 months (8-9 weeks). Its quite long you know. Yeah every week I followed up and they said the application still in the faculty to be reviewed. Deep inside my heart, I really hope my application is successful and have elected the supervisors as well (in doing so, I already know someone to refer and someone who is expert in my field of study). So should be no problem is it? And guess what. My prediction went wrong! I still rememberred what Prof Hasni stated the major reason why most PhD student is not completed within time (for those who is under scholarship) because the level of relationship between student and SUPERVISOR is weak!!! Can I conclude that PhD equals to supervisor-student relationship? And of course the commitment indeed. Well I had found the information regarding the entrance level of PhD journey at UIA. What should I do? You have to be independence to find the suit supervisors and… You must sit an exam in the first semester. Throughout one year the student need to attend classes and tests and guess what you will start writing the proposal at third semester. Can you imagine that? In addition, I have to sit for English Replacement Test after several days registered at UIA.

I guess should stop write about it. Okay forget about UIA. I am sorry.

Compare with UTM, the application took about less than 6 weeks. The result is received by email. I can check via their database. Everyday I regularly view the system so that I can notice any updates on my application. Furthermore, in doing that, it is a bit calm and easy so I know where is it the application at either still pending at the faculty, office or…..MIA? However, Alhamdulillah. I received the offer letter with smile. Although I already wasted 3 weeks to complete the application. I know that how the big sacrifice and exhausting will be whenever to travel weekly from Damansara – UTM Skudai just to attend the class. Fissabilillah InsyaAllah Allah is always with me. The good deed ease the way. After did a lot of warm discussion with husband, best friends and parent, I decided to choose UTM Skudai as a destiny kingdom to study. Yeah it takes hours to drive and sounds a bit tiring for everyweek travelling! What made me pretty happier is in the offer letter it is clearly stated the names of supervisor. Yeah names (notice two s). I have two supervisors! At least, I can identify whom I report to and get to practically know the chain of command. I hope that we can openly cooperate together Amin.

I guess I should end here. Thank you for reading.

The pre-application process was creepy but it turned good when all is completed.

Now I just have to wait the official letter from KPT and UiTM. I hope they are ready to accept me as tneir sponsored student. Thank you Allah and now I always keep praying to you, please make the way more easier…..


You Are So Special

Published May 24, 2013 by esoneniey


Mama gonna miss you so much.
You are an apple of my eyes.
You are so special.
You never hurt me.
Nor hate me.


You never make me cry.
Your attitude are so beautiful as you are.
Mama feels very pleasure to have you in my life.
No one can replace you deep in my heart.

I hope you enjoy your life.
If got time and rezki Mama will pay a visit.
Mama prays that there will be anyone with kind hearted and generous can feed you foods.
Mama says sorry for everything.
Mama cannot stand my sadness whenever you do hardly meowing.
When you are inside in the cage.
It really touches my heart.
Mama knows you do not like it.
Mama wants to see you happy.
Mama wants to see you healthy.

Mama will never ever forget you.
That is my promise.
Mama will always prayer for you, Tompok.

You are so special…

May Allah swt protect you…always.

I love you, with all my warming heart.


P/s: Mama will always crying whenever listen to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah

Published May 17, 2013 by esoneniey

If you had read my previous post below, you had acknowledged what I meant on it.

Alhamdulillah. You know what, after I posted that thread, I checked my email and received the very good news! Alhamdulillah the acceptance offer letter from UTM is received! Alhamdulillah my application is successful.

While I was smiling on this good news, I was a bit confused to make a better good decision; either pursue to UTM or UIA? Actually, yesterday I was also received the good news from UIA that the offer letter is now preparing for me. I need to wait until the end of this May.

I am now still discussing with my husband, my family and bestfriends (whom I trust) to make a very good result. While doing that, My hubby and I are quite pressure for the moving to new house. Tomorrow the day will come. We will move to a new home at Prima Damansara.

Many things happened recently, I do not have any ideas to say.

Btw, I bought the pet cage carrier for Tompok 🙂 it is a turqoise beetle shaped!

Still waiting

Published May 15, 2013 by esoneniey

I am still waiting the result from both local U that was applied last 2 months.

Without an offer letter, the application forms could not be processed to JPA and UiTM.

I had made few calls and delivered the emails. They informed that the application is still processing under the faculty regulations.

I really praying hard to Allah swt may ease my destiny to further study.

I feel nervous, worry and….fear.

Ya Allah…..


Published May 13, 2013 by esoneniey

The hijrah concept is very useful especially if the intention is pure to move forward for the sake of good ones. Last week was the final week staying at AG, Melaka. So, by this week, my hubby and I will make sure that all things will be packed and ready to move out. The new place has welcome us since last 2 weeks. We are very excited. I look my hubby’s mood turns out well about this new place. I just identified out that actually my hubby is not kinda like staying in Melaka in these within 1 year. Well, I have noticed that a man is always be a man. At one point of stage, you will see the change level of your husband. They like to try something new. 🙂

Anyway, I just want to post the picture of final dinner dishes I was cooked at AG. Sebuah kenangan. After this will definitely start cooking at our new home. 🙂


1. Ikan masak pindang serani
2. Sambal kentang ikan bilis
3. Sayur goreng
4. Ikan goreng

Oh by the way, I will bring my Tompok to stay together with us. I wish to buy the new cage for her. Hope she likes it and she get comforts at the new place very soon. 🙂


Published April 17, 2013 by esoneniey

She was staying with us since last December.

There was one night when my husband and I were laughing really hard for the tv programme. I copied the character by said “iekkkk iekkkk” (yeah it sounds disgusting if you try to pronounce it, but the correct technique is you must stressing your throat and saying iekkk iekkkk, lets try it).

I did that many times over the night as the sounds were made my husband pissed off. You know what, once he looked alike, I will get happy. Just to have some funs with him anyway hahaha. Suddenly, there was one very cute chubby cat came in front of the door. She was meow-ing excited. I did not get that. I assumed, she thought that we called her. Maybe she was belonged to someone else.

Everytime I came near to her, she ran. And she came, then she ran. Maybe she was so scared of the strangers.

I tried to catch her attention by bought the cat foods. It was a miracle! She came and ate the foods. Yah, maybe she was so hungry for the quite period times.

Everytime she came to my house, I fed her. That was frequently happened. She loved that.

Now, she is staying with us. Like nobody could even care of her as there are no neighbours asking around where is their cat. So now my hubby and I are adopting the cat.

It is a bliss. Trust me.

Her name is TOMPOK. Yeah, very locally name but suits with her, anyway. She knows her name. She understands the instructions. She loves sleep with cute poses. She eats a lot just like me!

Everytime I home, she is loyal waiting for me. Always.

I love her very much. And now I do not want to lose her.

Mama and ayah love you Tompok. Thank you Allah swt for giving us chance to adopt a cat.


The Knee Band

Published April 17, 2013 by esoneniey

Hubby: sayang, cepat pergi sidai baju tue kan luar tengah panas nie.

Me: ala, kejaplah. Bukan banyak pun sikit je. (Tak jawab soalan).

Hubby: cepatlah kang nanti tak kering. (He starts pissed off)

Me: eeeee jap… Nak main ipad jap lagi saya buatlah.

And then… He suddenly went to the washing machine and take out one lil thing only! Guess what!!? His knee band! The rests were remain in!

Me: b, buat apa tue? Takkan sidai tue je?

Hubby: (senyap, merajuk kot)

He went to the second room, switched on the fan, and hang on the knee band! So that it will dry very quickly!

Me: waaaa… Clever!

Hubby: yang lain, buat sendiri.

That is my hubby. Unexpected. He is so much love the knee band more than his wears. Because the knee band will protect him on the final badminton match on this Wednesday! That was why he was so strictly! (Anyway, he won the match, Alhamdulillah) :))


I just smiled and said, “my husband is more pamper than me”. That is one of the reason I love him.