About Me

I am nothing.. NO! I mean.. I am simply dedicated to my parents, family and friends. ^_^ If you wanna know me, just dropping the comments here then I will reply them without hesitate. Stay cool. BE YOURSELF.


10 comments on “About Me

  • Kak Wani,ni Pika.Cikitnya about kak Wani.Banyaklah sikit.Jangan marah ye cik Kak Wani.Bila Kak Wani nak mengabiskan master tu?Gud Luck for you,Kak Wani..(^_^).

  • hi ..salam wani. nice blog.. ur words sounds sincere…really..
    well, u have been 2 yrs in relationship rite? so, insyaallah u’ll be together..
    always remember…the person u luv may be urs forever or not always be yours forever. it seems like a hypotheses isn’t it? ehehehe..when H0 is accepted we should rejected the H1 and vise versa. just bear in mind, always be updated coz guys ni not always loyal eventhough they are married. just advising womens like me. take care of ur luv and don’t despair and never loose hope, coz Allah will always by ur side and u’ll find ur way (refers to maher zain lyrics of Insyaallah). last but not least, may Allah bless u wani.. salam…

  • Salam Hidayah,

    Thanks a lot for dropping by. Thanks a lot for the appreciation. Alhamdulillah. By the way, every words I am writing here come from my heart then, I express them in the writing. Yes, I aim for the right man. Although, a lot of things have been through on, I am hoping for the best, eventually. Hey, good hypotheses you got. I admire them much. I believe in faith. Really.

    May Allah SWT bless you too, Hidayah. Thanks a lot. Salam 🙂

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