UTM, Please Wait For Me

Published July 31, 2013 by esoneniey


After went through many obstacles, I managed to prepare and sent the wanted documents by KPT and UiTM. It took 2 weeks to prepare them and I was substantially got pressure in doing that. Many essential documents and certificates need to deeply reviewed and attached. That was so much keen in a way to be a fully sponsored scholarship student from the government.

And of course when the documents have checked and endorsed by the faculty, the person in charge will submit to jpbsm, uitm. Syukur Ya Allah! Because the faculty has decided not to re-interview me so I do not to re-present the research proposal anymore as I was did that last year during interview. How could they sit just to listen the same proposal as before? Hehe. Of course it waste their precious times. *giggle. I had put the hard work on that actually. Those day made me cried happily. Thank you Allah swt.

Anyway, go on to the root topic (preparing documents), actually you do not have any idea how my desk area look like. It was full with papers, documents and forms. Yeah, my husband complained. Well… That was my working style! Haha! Thank you to my friend for guiding me to prepare the forms. I was totally blur. Because I was just moving from Malacca to Damansara and of course managing own house is not easy. My husband is totally depending on me to manage them! Where to stock the foods, carpets, clotches, furniture, bla bla. Huh.

You know what, I wasted 3 weeks just because to receive the offer letter from UIA. I do not have ideas why my application has to be processed for more than 2 months (8-9 weeks). Its quite long you know. Yeah every week I followed up and they said the application still in the faculty to be reviewed. Deep inside my heart, I really hope my application is successful and have elected the supervisors as well (in doing so, I already know someone to refer and someone who is expert in my field of study). So should be no problem is it? And guess what. My prediction went wrong! I still rememberred what Prof Hasni stated the major reason why most PhD student is not completed within time (for those who is under scholarship) because the level of relationship between student and SUPERVISOR is weak!!! Can I conclude that PhD equals to supervisor-student relationship? And of course the commitment indeed. Well I had found the information regarding the entrance level of PhD journey at UIA. What should I do? You have to be independence to find the suit supervisors and… You must sit an exam in the first semester. Throughout one year the student need to attend classes and tests and guess what you will start writing the proposal at third semester. Can you imagine that? In addition, I have to sit for English Replacement Test after several days registered at UIA.

I guess should stop write about it. Okay forget about UIA. I am sorry.

Compare with UTM, the application took about less than 6 weeks. The result is received by email. I can check via their database. Everyday I regularly view the system so that I can notice any updates on my application. Furthermore, in doing that, it is a bit calm and easy so I know where is it the application at either still pending at the faculty, office or…..MIA? However, Alhamdulillah. I received the offer letter with smile. Although I already wasted 3 weeks to complete the application. I know that how the big sacrifice and exhausting will be whenever to travel weekly from Damansara – UTM Skudai just to attend the class. Fissabilillah InsyaAllah Allah is always with me. The good deed ease the way. After did a lot of warm discussion with husband, best friends and parent, I decided to choose UTM Skudai as a destiny kingdom to study. Yeah it takes hours to drive and sounds a bit tiring for everyweek travelling! What made me pretty happier is in the offer letter it is clearly stated the names of supervisor. Yeah names (notice two s). I have two supervisors! At least, I can identify whom I report to and get to practically know the chain of command. I hope that we can openly cooperate together Amin.

I guess I should end here. Thank you for reading.

The pre-application process was creepy but it turned good when all is completed.

Now I just have to wait the official letter from KPT and UiTM. I hope they are ready to accept me as tneir sponsored student. Thank you Allah and now I always keep praying to you, please make the way more easier…..


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