You Are So Special

Published May 24, 2013 by esoneniey


Mama gonna miss you so much.
You are an apple of my eyes.
You are so special.
You never hurt me.
Nor hate me.


You never make me cry.
Your attitude are so beautiful as you are.
Mama feels very pleasure to have you in my life.
No one can replace you deep in my heart.

I hope you enjoy your life.
If got time and rezki Mama will pay a visit.
Mama prays that there will be anyone with kind hearted and generous can feed you foods.
Mama says sorry for everything.
Mama cannot stand my sadness whenever you do hardly meowing.
When you are inside in the cage.
It really touches my heart.
Mama knows you do not like it.
Mama wants to see you happy.
Mama wants to see you healthy.

Mama will never ever forget you.
That is my promise.
Mama will always prayer for you, Tompok.

You are so special…

May Allah swt protect you…always.

I love you, with all my warming heart.


P/s: Mama will always crying whenever listen to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


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