Published April 17, 2013 by esoneniey

She was staying with us since last December.

There was one night when my husband and I were laughing really hard for the tv programme. I copied the character by said “iekkkk iekkkk” (yeah it sounds disgusting if you try to pronounce it, but the correct technique is you must stressing your throat and saying iekkk iekkkk, lets try it).

I did that many times over the night as the sounds were made my husband pissed off. You know what, once he looked alike, I will get happy. Just to have some funs with him anyway hahaha. Suddenly, there was one very cute chubby cat came in front of the door. She was meow-ing excited. I did not get that. I assumed, she thought that we called her. Maybe she was belonged to someone else.

Everytime I came near to her, she ran. And she came, then she ran. Maybe she was so scared of the strangers.

I tried to catch her attention by bought the cat foods. It was a miracle! She came and ate the foods. Yah, maybe she was so hungry for the quite period times.

Everytime she came to my house, I fed her. That was frequently happened. She loved that.

Now, she is staying with us. Like nobody could even care of her as there are no neighbours asking around where is their cat. So now my hubby and I are adopting the cat.

It is a bliss. Trust me.

Her name is TOMPOK. Yeah, very locally name but suits with her, anyway. She knows her name. She understands the instructions. She loves sleep with cute poses. She eats a lot just like me!

Everytime I home, she is loyal waiting for me. Always.

I love her very much. And now I do not want to lose her.

Mama and ayah love you Tompok. Thank you Allah swt for giving us chance to adopt a cat.



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