The Knee Band

Published April 17, 2013 by esoneniey

Hubby: sayang, cepat pergi sidai baju tue kan luar tengah panas nie.

Me: ala, kejaplah. Bukan banyak pun sikit je. (Tak jawab soalan).

Hubby: cepatlah kang nanti tak kering. (He starts pissed off)

Me: eeeee jap… Nak main ipad jap lagi saya buatlah.

And then… He suddenly went to the washing machine and take out one lil thing only! Guess what!!? His knee band! The rests were remain in!

Me: b, buat apa tue? Takkan sidai tue je?

Hubby: (senyap, merajuk kot)

He went to the second room, switched on the fan, and hang on the knee band! So that it will dry very quickly!

Me: waaaa… Clever!

Hubby: yang lain, buat sendiri.

That is my hubby. Unexpected. He is so much love the knee band more than his wears. Because the knee band will protect him on the final badminton match on this Wednesday! That was why he was so strictly! (Anyway, he won the match, Alhamdulillah) :))


I just smiled and said, “my husband is more pamper than me”. That is one of the reason I love him.



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