Published April 3, 2013 by esoneniey

Hmmm, when someone asking you about having the baby what will your action? You must be kind of delighted with that question because you are expecting. Then, what about for those who are conceiving? Like me as well.

My husband and I are living separately and we are meeting each other every weekend. Means, in a month we meet about four times. So, a chance to get pregnant is substantially lowest. Because we are not always get in together.

But, from the deepest of my heart we really in need in zuriat anyway. I believe and trust in faith. I trust Allah swt. Must be have hikmah why we late in having a zuriat.

Speaking about live separately because I am working in Melaka and hubby in Damansara.

I cannot wait to start my study in September. We will stay together. Living in a quite nice and sweet surrounding home will make a chance to have a baby, perhaps. Hehe.

I really hope people around me will understand. Thanks Allah for those who understand, but for those who not, I do not know what to say as maybe you are never face difficulty in life.

Whatever it is, I feel so much lucky having a balanced good life with husband & family. Now, a motivation graph of my life is getting higher everyday! 😀

Wish me luck to prepare the kick start of my life…..


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