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The Toughest Decision

Published January 30, 2013 by esoneniey

Study locally or overseas? I was offered the oversea but there are a few reasons make me think really hard. I have commitments to commit. I have a few demands to fulfill. Sometimes I do not know what I feel.

Recently, I sat for the exam. Such a long period I did not do that. Last time was on Master’s Degree. This Saturday will sit for the second test. Next week will be away from the campus as to attend the course in Shah Alam.

I pray really hard. I, sometimes cannot describe the real feeling on this reality life. Luckily I have the supportive husband and family whom they are actually what I am now really think about.

I have to sacrifice one matter in order to fulfill the order ones. That is a life. Normal life. Being a married person is not easy as abc. At the same time, you are busy working, studying and be a good wife.

Allahuakbar.. Now, I am always definitely depend on You.


Selendang Veil Pengantin Black White Hitam Putih

Published January 5, 2013 by esoneniey

Selendang lace veil pengantin hitam putih black white

-Masih keadaan baik 99.9%.
-Last digunakan semasa nikah; tema baju pengantin hitam putih.
-Asalnya veil ini kosong aje hanya dihiasi scrumble beads yg sgt simple.
-Veil ini saya DIY sendiri, kain dibeli di Jackel S.Alam dan lace hitam (beli di kedai aksesori pengantin) dijahit di tepi.
-Harga asal veil RM119.90+ Lace hitam RM25.90= RM145.80.
-Saya jual Veil ini dengan harga serendah RM100 sahaja. NOW RM60 with postage! :))
Tidak termasuk kos penghantaran.


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To make you more count on me, below are the pics 😉

During my Solemnization's Day :)

During my Solemnization’s Day 🙂