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Happy 1 year Anniversary to Us, Hafiz & Wani

Published December 18, 2012 by esoneniey

Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s beautiful blessings, no perfect words to describe it, we are finally managed to own the marriage perfectly humbly.

A marriage teaches you many things. How to survive while your partner face sorrow, sick, illness, and etc. How to solve the family matters without hurt your partner’s heart feeling. How to encourage and motivate yourself to be a good husband/wife.

The only one way to survive is do’a (prayer). When you are sincerely doa, in shaa Allah things become well without our concious. Allah swt always listen to us and he always be.

I recently got the good news. Well, everyone perhaps expecting we will have one right? 😉

But, its not. Maybe, kind of. That thing in shaa Allah really bring the meaningful of Hijrah concept in life. Something that I am actually not thinking of for this moment.

Please pray tor us. 😉