Happy Eid Fitri

Published August 12, 2012 by esoneniey

This year hari raya will be my first celebration as a wife to beloved hubby. My Mr. Right ever and always will be till Jannah. Amin.

In term of preparation, all are intermediate. Like once just the basic necessity things we got for hari raya. The best thing ever, celebrating with family & relatives are most precious ones that you will had.

My hubby & I will celebrate hari raya in Tangkak. Thank you Allah as Tangkak-Jasin is just 20 minutes ahead. So, there should be no matters to celebrate with both family sides.

Mama, thank you for biskut raya (raya cookies). All are 5 varities.

Hubby, thank you for baju raya. Thank you for not letting yourself to celebrate Raya at offshore; like last year experience. He he he.

The theme will be orange color! My hubby’s demand! Last year I did not have baju raya. Just wore the graduation’s clotch which was orange also. Hmm.

Ok, that’s all.




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