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My Baby Girl

Published June 20, 2012 by esoneniey

Last night, I was dreamed about feeding a cute baby girl. In that dream, I was rushed to somewhere which I never had an idea what it really was. I was with my mama and brother.

The baby was so cute. I fed her lovely and smoothly. She loved me perhaps as she smiled at me while she drank the milk.


When I woke up this morning…

Actually… I rememberred something!!!

Today is my sister’s bornday!

Sweet 16 on 20 June!

Arghh… Hehehe!

So, all in all, I concluded that the dream I was in actually about my sister. Maybe she was a dream baby I had…

Ieya, I prayer hard to Allah swt may Allah bless you… love you so much! My only sister in dunia & akhirat ;’)


Happy birthday my sweetie lil pie! You are always be my baby girl!



Published June 7, 2012 by esoneniey

I think I am in sick. But I do not know what kind of sickness I really in. Hurmmm. Lets find out! But I am totally afraid seeing the doctor to tell me the fact.