The Veil now is ready. Yes!

Published November 8, 2011 by esoneniey

Stuff that looks nothing to people sometimes bring the extra appearance on the day. My wedding outfit is so simple. Baju kurung moden, syria scarf and the veil. The veil is actually bought at Jakel Shah Alam. Definitely tough decision because as i mentioned earlier, i preferred to customize the wedding veil based on my interest. Unfortunately, there was no certain answer from that kakak. And finally, with a wise decision, i bought the custom made veil.

The veil is soooo simple. Not in full black beaded that i really wanted. But it suits with my theme which is Black & White. (as the white veil with black beaded lace is so hard to find) 🙂

So, i went to bridal shop and bought the black lace. Through my readings via internet, i sew the lace at the edge of the veil itself. Alhamdulillah. Finally, its getting done and ready to wear in my Solemnization Day.

This week i gonna off to KL; my family’s.

My parents will leave to Singapore to meet and distribute the invitation cards to our relatives. They will leave for two days. Thanks very much Mama & Ayah.

This Saturday my f and I will do the facial treatment.

Sunday will be a day for our pre wedding photoshoot.

Not to forget, this week need to pick the banner, bunting and TQ tags.

Thats all. Thank you for reading this. May Allah swt bless you.

37 days to go.


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