The Calming Spa – Aster Spring

Published October 28, 2011 by esoneniey

I am now enjoying typing/writing on my blog at the Aster Spring Spa, located at Aeon JJ AU2. Just finished my everymonth compulsary treatment which is ORP Energy Therapy, so called as Chamber. Also, patiently waiting for my fiancé. He now doing 1 hour and half facial.

I am in love with the Aster Spring spa since we (my f and I) was promoted by the therapist for the valuable promotion, Beautiful Living Club.

I would like to share with you furthermore.

As I know, the offer was started last year since we have been given this kind of thing on Januari 2011. The therapist said that each branch offered 10 BLC voucher books and we were the last bird. I was not so excited with that kinda compliment, but the thing that made me happier was the best promotion itself.

The Beautiful Living Club includes:

1. 12 months facial voucher (RM198 for each) for FREE
2. Unlimited ORP Chamber Immersion for FREE
3. 1 Special eye care treatment for FREE
4. 1 Purifying neck treatment for FREE
5. 1 Neck and Decollete Lifting treatment for FREE
6. 1 Scalp Tension Relief Therapy for FREE
7. 1 Upper back aromatherapy for FREE
8. 1 Dermtech treatment for FREE

And… All in all, the value of the promotion costs not more than RM two thousand. Hehe. Is it sounds satisfactory?

I love the smell of the Aster Spring. The aromatheraphy! Calm, relax and freshy!

What they doing during the facial? What is ORP Chamber Immersion? Lets check them out at their website. 🙂


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