Published October 27, 2011 by esoneniey

The things have been DONE by today:

1. Wedding card (actually the card was picked up last two weeks; later on will be distributed)
2. Doorgift (paperbag, bla bla and secret)
3. The nikah document. (Alhamdulillah settle! Tok Imam & Pendaftar have verified the proposal)

The mission of tomorrow:

1. Will pick up the bunga pahar at bukit tinggi, klang
2. Will pick up the banner, bunting, and thank you tag at seri rampai
3. The status of wedding veil will be identified by tomorrow

The mission of November:

1. Parents will onboard to Singapore. Meeting our relatives to invite them to ours.
2. Will meet Butik Zielynn for further discussion
3. Pre wedding photoshoot
4. Will post the invitation to FB
5. Will brief more on hantaran. There will be 6 hantarans (3 for bride & 3 for groom) nanti. Yang wajib!

Banyak lagi sebenarnya, but the list tue apa yang aku ingat aje yang besar-besar. Yang kecik- kecik have listed in the paper & my dear iPad 2 muahmuahmuah.

Ya Allah, I pray that may everything will be well as planned… Amin.


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