Before sleep

Published October 18, 2011 by esoneniey

Its about two months till the wedding day. What do i need to do at least for a minimal preparation? Get the glowing face PLEASE! Be cheerful!

The reason contribute to pressure? – I am a kind of person who get easily phusically tired with imbalance emotional. This is because of poor working environment, the workplacr physical condition, the weather and stressss. Arghh! Just pretend you never know anything. When stepping down at home, just ignore the things at office. Is it professional enough? Hell NO! Why?

When you got unfinished business, just bring it at home and try to finish it. Errrrr.

Back to the topic. Hmmm.

The things i do before off to sleep;

1. Gently wash the face with gel facewash
2. Brush the teeth
3. Put the night creamer on the face
4. Do not forget to put the eye cream
5. Put the white cream at armpit
6. Get 1 capsule of Evening Primrose Oil
7. Cite the prayer
8. Sleep for 6 – 7 hours. ZzzZZz..

When wake up, tadaaa… Feel the same brand new me and redefine the new mission of today! Everyday got mission to accomplish. Pengsan!


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