Published October 16, 2011 by esoneniey

Syukran. Thats the word when i reached home few hours ago. As planned, there were many stuff to be done on Saturday. All in all, there went smoothly.

Wake up in the morning, accompanied my mom to grocery store. Bought raw foods and related because tomorrow got sweet simple event at our’s. Makan makan time. Then, on afternoon, my mum accompanied me to Wangsa Walk to pick up hafiz’s baju nikah at Hugo. A must compulsary activity if reached at Wangsa Walk Mall i will satisfy my appetite with the best cravy yee me at Sweet Bowl cafe!

After that, we picked up the wedding card at Seri Rampai. Alhamdulillah. We are so satisfied with the outcome. Simple, sweet and perfect. šŸ˜‰

As planned last week, i was intended to pay a visit to my mak and ayah angkat. Forget to mention that i bought some buah tangan for them. And they like it. Syukur.. My ayah angkat is getting healthy even he got limit movement. But its okay, as long as seeing his talking, laughing and walking, thats more better.

So tired but happy.

Hmmm, period pain. Uwaaa! But, alhamdulillah, anyway.


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