The failure

Published October 10, 2011 by esoneniey

I am now marking the papers. Non stop marking since yesterday and i am done with 2 bundles. Another 1 bundle to finish out. For your info, there are many steps to get them complete. And all these are annoying me sometimes. But in getting good outcome, this is how you need to do. Sometimes those people are so silly chasing out for quantity compare than quality.

And.. The thing that makes me so dissapointed is..

For the first experience, there are two students of mine are failed my paper! And i am so angry and of course, dissapointed.

I could commit that the paper is not so easy, but you know, when you are in exam session, nothing is easier! You have to push much efforts. And no promise to get A unless you deserve to.

I am so dissapointed with this two students. I am so speechless. Readers, i know probably maybe you could tell me that is the usual thing in teaching experience. Yes, i notice that.

Thank you. However, i cannot imagine what came on their (students) mind. This is the core subject for the program. It is a shame if you lose this paper, better not to take this course. They are not serious.

However, i believe that this is just a lesson to them. Whatever it is, i had done my part for my students. I hope when they get the result, they will do many improvement. If only the realize…..

And, of course, as a lecturer, i will prayer for the best. Amin.


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