An offshoreman

Published October 4, 2011 by esoneniey

This is his third trip to offshore. The first was on May which the length of stay was 8 days. Quite short period for offshore man to relocate. The second was on August, several days before Syawal. Would you imagine that? Offshoring there, unfortunately not celebrating hari raya with beloved ones! That was superb sacrifice, I think! The length of stay was 25 days, even if on the paper stated that 23 days, due to bad weather, he had stay more than 2D. Damn! Past is a past.

Now, the third round is today!

Yes, today! After all having working leaves about 11 days. Spending times with him were so much greatest ones! No one can even bother! Badly, that was just a dream.. Huh! Tunggu kahwin nanti baru nak rasa begitu lerrr kot. Ye ke? Nasib sempat beraya bersama.

Crying at all times… Ala, menangis banyak mana bukan dia dapat uturn balik kapal tue kot ke darat! Sempat lagi bergurau, “saye bukan pergi berperang pon, kejap aje nie”… Hati siapa tak tersentuh?

What even makes me moody is now we are preparing for our big day.. Time macam nie la boss dia minta mob to platform. Nasib baik kat area Terengganu… 270km from Kemaman.. But still feeling such a far away. ;(

Kinda missing you, my fiancé. I know you do this for the sake of our future. My prayers are always with you.


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