Shoppinggg begins!

Published October 2, 2011 by esoneniey

I am so enjoyed my shoppings yesterday and today! Have bought baju nikah, but the kasut not yet lagi. Today, my fiance sangat baik hati belikan, i mean hadiahkan, errr the birthday gift dah bagi actually. The Coach sunglass! Hahaha.. Anyway, he bought me several things. Unexpected lagi.. Romp jeans, Samsung external hard disk, one set of night creamers, Secret recipe bla bla bla… I have too many to tell about, but unfortunately malas nak typing! Baju nikah dia pon dah beli. He so fancy of Hugo Boss. Bertunang dan bernikah insyaallah memakai hugo boss wears… Such in love with him more deep! 😉


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